Multiple Communication Disorder

People with a Multiple Communication Disorder have multiple challenges. In addition to a language development disorder or hearing loss, they also have an intellectual and physical disability, for example. Psychological problems are also common. A multiple communication disorder has a lot of impact on all aspects of life.

Learn to communicate

Communication is not always a matter of course for people with a multiple communication disorder. That is why Kentalis investigates with a multi-disciplinary team which form of communication suits someone. This depends on the situation, limitations and possibilities of the person. You can learn different forms of communication, such as:

  • Sign Language
  • Spoken language supported with gestures
  • Finger spelling in the air or hand
  • Communicaton with pictos

Total Communication

We believe that everyone is entitled to customized communication. That is why we often work with the Total Communication methodology. This means that we communicate in a way that suits a child or adult and, if necessary, use different forms of communication and tools. Total Communication increases independence, self-reliance, interaction and self-esteem.

Special education

Children with a communicative multiple disability go to special education. They receive customized education. The teachers match the level, communication possibilities and talents of the child. Education is specialized and regularly one-on-one. Education and care staff also work closely together here. 

Residential groups and day care

Some children, adolescents and adults with a communicative multiple disability need specialist care in daily situations. That is why Kentalis has special residential groups (24-hour care) and day-care groups. 

Multiple Communication Disorder