The African Researchers’ Initiative ARI

Deafblind International announces: "The African Researchers' Initiative in Deafblindness (ARI) is now active and the 1st African DbI Conference on Deafblindness is scheduled to be held in Nairobi, Kenya in fall 2021. Please for more information visit DbI Website

Deafblindness is, unarguably, the most complex disability and the least researched area of disability especially in Africa. Despite the many progresses in addressing the issue of disability in Africa, people with deafblindness remain little known about and expectedly the most marginalized group of persons with disabilities in Africa. One of the major factors for the marginalization is lack of research. Very few researchers are working on deafblindness in the African context. Awareness campaigns, inclusion efforts and approaches used in the rehabilitation and education of persons with deafblindness in Africa are mostly based on research and international service organizations from developed countries. Aware of these facts and determined to alter the status quo, Deafblind International (DbI) is launching an initiative called African Researchers’ Initiative (ARI).

Fall 2021

Nairobi, Kenya