C. (Constance) Vissers PhD

Constance Visser
Clinical neuropsychologist and Associate Professor

The neuropsychology of primary language impairment

Primary language impairment must be taken as the product of a complex interplay between genes, brain functioning, cognitive (dis)abilities, contextual factors and experiences. This neuropsychological perspective on primary language impairment contributes to unraveling the causes of language problems, hopefully helping us to find ways to overcome these problems with early intervention. In my research I shed light on the neuropsychological profiles observed in children with primary language impairment applying (innovative) overt and covert neuropsychological measures (e.g., response times, EEG) in assessing children with primary language impairment. Cognitive profiles are linked to state of the art empirical findings on genetics, brain functioning, contextual factors and experiences. Special attention is paid to the question whether the primary language impairment can be explained in terms of an interplay between deficits in executive functions and social cognition. From here tailored assessment and treatment (in care and education) is developed (e.g. Theory of Mind training and EF interventions).

Specialist areas
Clinical neuropsychology, Developmental disorders, Theory of Mind, Executive functioning, interplay between language and attention.


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