H. (Herma) Arends, bachelor degree social educational care

Herma Arends
Expert communication methods at Royal Dutch Kentalis
  • Trainer ‘Empowerment’
  • Trainer ‘Dealing with misunderstood behavior’
  • Trainer ‘Communication methods’

As a project-leader established a setting for mentally disabled adults receiving communication specially for the deafblind for the first time.
Experience with deafblind children in a school and set up a new class with deafblind children in combination with staying and living in a therapeutic communication environment.
Training and coaching teams to implement suitable communication for deafblind children/adults.
Writing communication-profiles after assessment, interviews, observations and video-analyses for deafblind children/adults.

Contributed to publications concerning communication methods in difficult circumstances and communication with deafblind adults and children:

  • I can feel what you mean (ik voel wat je bedoelt)
  • My nose as a guide (mijn neus als gids)
  • Hear, see, silence, understand, PARTICIPATE (Horen, zien, zwijgen, MEEDOEN)

Consultant for the CCE to coach teams who are struggling with misunderstood behavior, by interpreting assessment results, analysis of behavior from the teams and the clients. Working with videos to coach and advice teams, other specialists and the social network.