Sustainable programs

From 2018-2020 we are working on the Infrastructure to create better diagnostics and to improve Primary and Secundary inclusive education. 


  • Infrastructure to create better diagnostics
    - Enrollment E-learning Audiology
    - Building on the Hearing Care Technician course. A blended learning program that allows paramedical colleges to offer a diploma in audiology. Allowing graduates to provide diagnostics, rehabilitation, and fit hearing aids. Preparing them for working in hospitals, schools, and care centers. Starts in Uganda – Tanzania – Ethiopia-Kenya.
    - Annual Audiology course at the Paramedical College in Kampala
  • Improve Primary inclusive education 
    - Curriculum based teaching of literacy (and specifically reading) to young deaf children in Uganda and Tanzania.
  • Improve Secondary inclusive education 
    ​​​​​​​- Teaching Deaf Learner in Inclusive Secondary Education (Certified). Teachers who have both Deaf/hard of hearing learners, as well as hearing pupils in their classroom need additional teaching strategies as well as sign language proficiency. In this program Kentalis provides the Deaf/hard of hearing specific knowledge and teaching skills.  The graduates are teachers specialized in providing secondary education to Deaf and hard of hearing learners, as well as hearing learners. Implemented in Tanzania and starting up in Uganda.