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Diverse (scientific) publications, posters about how you can recognize a Language Impairment in seven langaga and our documentary ‘Deaf Role Models’ are free downloadable.

Posters Specific Language Impairment
Tell it with a poster! Learn to recognize signals that indicate a specific language impairment (SLI) among children. Now available in seven languages. Feel free to disseminate these posters.

Documentary Deaf Role Models in Africa
Kentalis International has produced the documentary ‘Deaf Role Models in Africa: Kenya’. Together with producer Alexander Valeton and in association with KNAD (Kenya National Association for the Deaf) the themes, characters, subject and storyline has been developed. The result is an enhancing documentary in which very strong characters tell about their lives, ambitions and dreams, but also about their struggles and the obstacles they encountered while growing up and reaching their goals. Successful Deaf Kenyans share their inspiring and powerful stories about accomplishments despite or because of their deafness. The aim of this documentary is to increase teachers’ and parents’ awareness of capacities of deaf children and their ability to develop themselves, as long as people around them have confidence in them.

The following Kentalis (scientific) publications are free downloadable. Contact Kentalis for more publications...

Evelien van Wingerden-Reading comprehension Devlopment in Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Brigitte Hoog- Spoken language development in children with cochlear implants

Nina Wolters- Social participation of deaf youth in school

Loes Wauters – Reading comprehension in deaf children

Tiejo van Gent – Mental health problems in deaf and severely hard of hearing children and adolescents