Inclusive ECD

Kentalis offers three courses in the field of Inclusive Early Childhood Development (ECD) for the deaf child. All of them are CPD certified. Provided by Deaf facilitators. 

In the fight against stigma and language isolation, we offer training to parents of young deaf children. Deaf facilitators provide the workshops.

For better early diagnostics, we offer training to health workers and nurses: e-learning in basic audiology and blended learning for hearing care technicians.

For inclusive early childhood education, we offer training to nursery teachers in how to provide access to the deaf child in pre-school.



Parental Awareness Workshops for parents of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children

The CPD certificated 'Parental Awareness Workshops' empowers parents by offering them information on the causes of deafness, how to interact and communicate with the child and their rights. It gives parents a perspective on their child’s future because educated Deaf role models are the facilitators themselves.

After the workshop parents are able to understand their child’s deafness better and know how to interact with their child. It becomes easier to involve the child in family and community life. Parents are able to make informed choices on interaction, communication and enrollment in school. Parents become empowered and can share their knowledge with the community. Better understanding about deafness, better interaction between parents and child will increase the child’s quality of life, the child will be less vulnerable. By experiencing educated Deaf role models the parents are more likely to invest in their child’s education and enroll the child in school.

Enrollment possibilities
The Awareness Workshop for parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children are running in Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda. Please contact Kentalis for more information on this program or for possibilities to run this program within your country. Download the flyer for more information Parental Awareness Workshops for parents of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children.

For ECD/ECE training opportunities for nurses/health workers and nursery teachers please contact Kentalis International.

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