This section features a selection of (scientific) publications on complex communication needs, published by Kentalis researchers. Click on the article link to read the full publication.

Archbold, S., Athalye, S., Mulla, I., Harrigan, S., Wolters-Leermakers, N., Isarin, J., & Knoors, H. (2015). Cochlear implantation in children with complex needs: the perceptions of professionals at cochlear implant centres. Cochlear implants international, 16(6), 303–311.

Isarin, J., Van Zadelhoff, I., Wolters-Leermakers, N., Speksnijder-Bregman, M., Hannink, M., & Knoors, H. (2015). A world of difference. Parental perspectives on cochlear implantation in deaf children with additional disabilities.  Deafness & Education International, 17(4), 219-230.

Wolters-Leermakers, N., Van Wingerden, E., Gerkema-Nijhof, R., & Van Balkom, H. (2022). Sensory Enhanced Interactive Storytelling-Technique (SEIS-T): supporting active communication through short, multimodal narratives. (2022). Manuscript accepted for publication. 

Wolters-Leermakers, N., Van den Bogaard, K.J.H.M., & Prins, M.A. (2022). Understanding quality of life in people with complex and multiple communicative disabilities: A narrative overview of the empirical research literature. Manuscript resubmitted for publication.