Kentalis International


Kentalis International Foundation is the international project office of the Royal Dutch Kentalis. We operate as a knowledge broker, linking expertise to the specific needs of our partners. In long-term project cooperation or in short-term engagements.

Read highlights from 2017 in our interactive annual report. Get insights in our facts and figures and be informed about our tax-exemption status, in the Netherlands called ANBI status.  


Kentalis International has no offices in partner countries. We work from the Netherlands and our project coordinators organize with our partners the modalities of knowledge exchange. Long-term project commitment with secured funding from  philanthrophy or short-term courses, financed by the organization requesting the training.  


Kentalis International works in multi-annual project cooperation as well as in short-term training delivery.

All training activities need to be funded by externals sources. We apply the train-the-trainer method that supports a sustainable transfer of professional expertise with a commonly agreed exit strategy.



Kentalis is partnering in several European programs under the Erasmus+ program. Professional exchange and Mutual learning improve our quality of service delivery in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a cooperation partner in inclusive education, staff training or job shadowing? Please get in contact with us!

The UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with a Disability (UNCRPD) is a guiding principle of our work. In particular, we focus on the rights of children and young adults to education and care and their right to be able to access services that are adapted to their specific needs.

Kentalis International joins forces with professional partners working in the field of hearing and communication. For example universities, teacher training colleges, Deaf/deafblind associations, NGOs, schools for the deaf, parent associations and ministries and local governments in partner countries.


The Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) and Kentalis partnered to develop a training manual to train parents of Deaf children in Uganda. What is the experience of Simon about this partnership? And what is it that Bernadatte takes home from the conference Teaching Deaf Learners? Four partners are talking about their experiences...