European exchange

Kentalis is partnering in several European programs under the Erasmus+ program. Professional exchange and Mutual learning improve our quality of service delivery in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a cooperation partner in inclusive education, staff training or job shadowing? Please get in contact with us!

Past EU initiatives:

Exchange with speech therapists from seven EU countries on diagnostics and therapy for children with special language impairment (SLI) coming from a multilingual family background.

Cooperation with organizations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland delivering services to deafblind children and young adults. Staff training and professionalization.

Job Shadowing support to an organization from Norway working in deaf education

School twinning projects in deaf education


Planned EU initiatives:

German-Dutch professional exchange on Charge Syndrom / Deafblindness

Education and communication needs of refugee children in Netherlands, UK, Germany and Sweden


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