Parental support for deaf and HoH Syrian children in refugee camps in Lebanon.

Professionals from the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) in Lebanon, will be trained by Kentalis experts in the method Parental Awareness Program. This enables the staff of FAID to support the Syrian parents of deaf and hard of hearing children in the refugee camps. The first training starts in February 2019 and the second and last training will take place in April 2019. 

In Lebanon there are a lot of Syrian refugee camps with thousands of families living in very difficult circumstances. Amongst these families there are parents with deaf/hard of hearing children, who are deprived of any form of health and educational support. Which means that children cannot communicate with their parents nor with other children in the camp.  FAID has hosted 20 of these deaf Syrian refugee children in their school, the maximum. The fact that there are many more of these children need support and education brought them in contact with Kentalis International (KIF), expert in teaching deaf learners.  

Adapting of Parent Awareness Program to the Lebanese context
KIF has developed Parent Awareness materials and training modules that targets parents. The training gives parents from deaf and hard of hearing children knowledge and skills and empowers their role as (important) educator of their child.  The current teaching materials have been developed for the African context and the program is running in Rwanda, Zambia en Uganda by deaf role models. A study has evaluated that these materials, if adapted to the Lebanese context will be very relevant for the parents with d/hoh children in the Lebanese refugee camps. Parents would receive training on how to support their  child in their development, how to acquire language, learn how to communicate, information on interaction and much more. To capacitate the parents will be of great benefit for the children.

Adapting of Parent Awareness Program to the Lebanese context


(direct)Target group

FAID staff


Syrian parents and their d/hoh children (+ other family members) in the Lebanese refugee camps

Kentalis assignment

  1. Adapt the current Parent Awareness Materials to the Lebanese context.
  2. Train FAID staff in the use of the materials.


The assignment is financed by Vrienden van Effatha

Time period

January – May 2019


2 Kentalis experts


Meeting in Central playground, Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon