Testimonial from Belgium

More attention for multilingual children with SLI.

“With regard to multilingual children with a Specific Language Impairment (SLI), the aid and the policy are not well attuned. We would like to see more attention for this issue. By means of our international project, knowledge and experiences from different countries, languages and cultures may be integrated. “

Improve diagnostics and guidance

“At the Thomas More Center of Expertise Code, we want to improve diagnostics and guidance of multilingual children with SLI. Therefore, we were very pleased when Kentalis asked us to participate in the two-year European exchange project ‘Multilingual children with SLI - bridging the gap between theory and practice, and between practitioners in different countries’ (Multi SLI).“

Position paper for aid workers

In the project, Kentalis has a coordinating role. Kentalis experts participate in meetings to manage the process. “We inspire each other in sharing methods regarding diagnostics, treatment and parental involvement. Currently, we are working on a position paper to convince aid workers and policy makers to make crucial improvements in diagnostics and the treatment of multilingual children with SLI.”

Seven countries working together

Around twenty experts from seven countries participate in the project. Royal Dutch Kentalis is the coordinator. From Belgium, the Thomas More Center of Expertise Code is partner. The other participating partners are LOGOCOM (Germany), Skane University Hospital (Sweden), Centre de Logopedie (Luxembourg), University of Malta and Newcastle University (United Kingdom). The project is run with the support of the European Commission via the GRUNDTVIG-action of the European Lifelong Learning program.

Ellen Vandewalle, (at the right) project partner MULTI-SLI, Belgium