Testimonial from Kenya

Richard Mativu about the international course ’Deaf children in international development’. An academic post-graduate short course to enhance the capacity of those fighting for the rights of deaf children in the global South.


Richard Mativu from Kenia (Deaf Child Worldwide) shares his experiences

Why did you participate in the course? Mativu: “The content of the course was very relevant and useful to my work. It was something new, one of a kind, very useful and comprehensively packaged. Having participants from all over the world and sharing experiences and good practices also came in handy. I have updated my work plan to share my learnings and so far, I have conducted trainings in Kampala, Uganda, Kenya and Moshi, Tanzania on the same. This empowers our partners to look at deafness from a different angle, effectively leading to them better achieving the project expectations.”