Theory and practice

Royal Dutch Kentalis is unique in combining academic and applied research, staff training and hands-on practical experience from teachers, psychologists, linguists, audiologists and speech therapists, to name a few. All under one roof, enabling mutual continuous learning and creating space for innovation.


Increase knowledge through research

Through applied research, we bridge the gap between research and practice. New methods and techniques for care services and education are developed. The interaction between the child and its educational and social environment is at the center of attention. We keep searching for accessible forms of communication, language and literacy for people who have limited access to spoken language.

Disclose knowledge through continuous learning

We make our knowledge and skills accessible through academic research publications, masterclasses, blended learning courses and train-the-trainer programs. Our own staff in special needs education,
inclusive education, early childhood services , diagnostic centers and vocational training programs benefit from continuous learning.

Transmit knowledge to external parties

We work closely with partners in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide in exchange programs and research projects.