Royal Kentalis has a more than 225 year history. On April 14th in 1790, the Walloon Reverend Henri Daniel Guyot took the initiative to start teaching deaf children in Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. He started out with a classroom of 14 students.


After this, more pioneers started schools for the deaf. Together, these pioneers laid the foundation for three institutes: Viataal (formerly Institute for the Deaf, IvD, in Sint-Michielsgestel), Koninklijke Effatha Guyot Groep and Sint Marie where the knowledge expanded in deaf education, but also expertise in the field of hard-of-hearing, deafblindness, autism, multisensory handicaps and specific language disorders. These three organizations merged in 2010 into the Royal Kentalis.

Visit the museum of the Deaf

Do you like to learn more about the history of deaf education in the Netherlands? Visit the Museum of Education of the Deaf that is located in one of the chapels of the formerly Institute for the Deaf in Sint-Michielsgestel. You will be able to see an old classroom, learn about technical equipments developed throughout time and see short videos.

Theerestraat 42, 5271 GD Sint-Michielsgestel

Opening hours
10:00 to 15:00 on Tuesday (other week days on appointment)

Friday on appointment for groups up to 25 participants

Admission price
€ 4,-