Collaboration Fynn Foundation and Kentalis International

Collaboration Fynn Foundation and Kentalis International

A unique collaboration!

The Fynn Foundation empowered deaf and hearing parents with young deaf children. They raised funds in the Netherlands and funded the Parents Awareness Workshop (PAW) for in total 120 parents in Zambia and Rwanda.

Unfortunately in Africa, many young deaf children are still kept at home, parents not knowing how to communicate or interact with their child, which leads to isolation and frustration. The Fynn Foundation, established by parents who have a deaf child know how important it is to be trained and guided on how to communicate and interact with your deaf child. They want to support parents in Africa to have the same guidance and training, which will enable them to support the development of their deaf child.  That is why Kentalis International and the Fynn Foundation have started a unique collaboration by enabling the roll out of PAW in Zambia and Rwanda in 2018.  Which resulted in 120 parents trained.  In 2019 we hope to continue this successful collaboration.

The PAW is a powerful concept developed by Kentalis International, conducted by deaf trainers, so called Community Faciltators (CF). They train parents in relevant topics like positive parenting, communication, deaf culture and human rights. The parents are trained how to interact and communicate with their deaf child and practice their skills through role plays. This enable them to support and communicate with their deaf child and understand the importance of education. The CF’s are role model for the parents, showing them that a deaf child can become anything! 

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