Early Intervention & diagnostics clinic for newborn children

DbI Executive Committee members

On Thursday 7th March 2019, the DbI Executive Committee members had the pleasure of visiting a project of Sense International Kenya in Nairobi. 

Sense set up an Early Intervention & diagnostics clinic for newborn children. They made an arrangement with the vaccination clinic next door, so that all newborn children who come for vaccination are sent through in order to be checked on early symptoms for multisensory impairment. A nurse and an occupational therapist explained to the group how they do basic screening of vision and hearing as well as other symptoms of developmental delay. The occupational therapist then, makes a treatment plan for each child that is identified of being at risk. Mothers with their children then can come for therapy in the small but functional therapy treatment room. 
A wonderful initiative that is to be taken over by Local Government once the project will come to an end in about three months.