Farewell CEO Kentalis Mr Henk Bakker

Henk Bakker benoemd tot Officier

The CEO of Royal Dutch Kentalis, Mr Henk Bakker, gave his farewell after working for the organization for seventeen years. On this occasion, Kentalis organized a symposium, where latest research findings on deaf education, language and cognition were shared.  

Knowledge development

One of our long-lasting partner organizations Bartimeus emphasized the importance of knowledge development and sharing within the sensory impairment sector in the Netherlands. A representative of the Ministry of Health & Sports congratulated Mr Bakker on his important advocacy role during the last decades. Mr Bakker succeeded in bringing the needs of auditory impairment under the radar of the Ministry. In recognition of the merits of Mr Bakker throughout his professional career, King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands honored him by declaring him ‘Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau’.

International work
Henk Bakker has always been an eminent supporter or the international work of Kentalis. In 2012, he attended and officially opened the Kentalis International Conference on Teacher Training in Deaf Education in Kampala/Uganda, together with the then Minister of Disability of Uganda. In his farewell speech last Wednesday, Mr Bakker said that Kentalis consciously takes its corporate social responsibility to sharing our knowledge and expertise, in particular in countries in Africa.