New Book Publication: Deaf Education beyond the Western world at Oxford University Press

New Book Publication

Edited by Harry Knoors and Maria Brons (Royal Dutch Kentalis) and Marc Marschark (National Technical Institute for the Deaf)

If teachers want to educate deaf learners effectively, they have to apply evidence-informed methods and didactics with the needs of individual deaf students in mind. Education in general — and education for deaf learners in particular — is situated in broader societal contexts, where what works within the Western world may be quite different from what works beyond the Western world. 

This fact was also in the center of discussion at an ad hoc meeting at ICED Athens in 2015, when researchers and participants from the so-called Global South gathered in order to exchange on the marginal attention given to deaf education in their countries. The idea of the book was born.
The Book at hand is the result of three years’ work. The editors Harry Knoors, Maria Brons and Marc Marschark are pleased with such a variety of authors who committed themselves to contribute to this volume in the OUP series of ‘perspectives on deafness’.

Featuring chapters centering on 19 countries, from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe, the volume offers a picture of deaf education from the perspectives of local scholars and teachers who demonstrate best practices and challenges within their respective regional contexts. This volume addresses the notion of learning through the exchange of knowledge; outlines the commonalities and differences between practices and policies in educating deaf and hard-of-hearing learners; and looks ahead to the prospects for the future development of deaf education research in the context of recently adopted international legal frameworks. Stimulating academic exchange regionally and globally among scholars and teachers who are fascinated by and invested in deaf education, this volume strengthens the foundation for further improvement of education for deaf children all around the world.

Pre-order started now at Oxford University Press. The book is available as hardcopy as well as e-book.

Please note that the 3rd Teaching Deaf Learners International Conference, November 6-8, 2019 in Haarlem, The Netherlands will also feature with an academic block on the ‘Global South’!