Staff training program deafblindness

Staff training programme Deafblindness

The seventh and final meeting of the European project Propäk EQuaT was held in Heiligenbronn, Germany, at the Stiftung St Franziskus. In this project, seven organisations from four different German speaking countries cooperated to set up a staff training program for professionals (i.e., teachers, caregivers, support workers) working in the field of deafblindness.  

At day 1, the new developed training was proudly presented by the project members and a first edition of the instructor’s manual was officially handed over to the management staff of the cooperating organizations. At day 2, a knowledge event was held to provide information about the finalization of the project and to close the project officially.

The training aims to teach professionals how to become a competent communication partner from people who are congenital deafblind. The four booklets on communication and congenital deafblindness written by Rødbroe & Janssen (among other authors) (2007-2009, see picture 3), and the book ‘Communicative Relations’ written bij Nafstad & Rødbroe (2015, see picture 4) form the theoretical basis of the course. In six training modules the student gets familiar with the theoretical background and works on goals as defined in the different learning areas of the so called Dialogue Matrix. The matrix is part of the instructor’s manual which is a flexible guideline applicable to students with all sorts of knowledge and experience. The training will be released in Germany in April 2018. For more contact: Marga Martens, or Ineke Heijnen, 

Podium discussion at the final meeting