Transfer knowledge and skills and perform as a deaf role model at the same time

Parental Awareness Workshop Zambia

Two Parental Awareness Workshops (PAW) are conducted in Zambia for hearing and deaf parents with young deaf children in the age of 0 - 6 years by deaf trainers.

Parents felt empowered by the topics covered like: Communication with my deaf child, human rights and positive parenting. The topic is equally important for deaf as hearing parents. They all expressed the same need for better understanding and skills in educating and raising their children. 

Workshops are supported by PPT presentations and adapted to the context. This was a new element for the trainers and very helpful in keeping focus. Video materials were also displayed, all African examples of topics covered.  Parents were very happy and enthusiastic about the workshop.  Follow up will be assured by the deaf association ZNAD. 

Parental Awareness Workshop Zambia august 2018
Parental Awareness Workshop Zambia august 2018, group
Kentalis expert Rianne Jansen at work for the PAW
At work, PAW Zambia, August 2018