Abstracts TDL 2019

Below you will find the handouts who are available from the third edition of Teaching Deaf Learners. Links on the presenters name will lead you to the presentation.

  1. ANNET DE KLERK EN MARC MARSCHARK  Reflections from educational and research perspectives
  2. CHERI WILLIAMS Empirical Perspectives on Writing Instruction with Deaf Learners
  3. CHLOE MARSHALL Developmental language disorders in deaf children: Implications for teaching
  4. CORRIE TIJSSELING Identity: from fixed ideals to fluid individuation
  5. DEREK HOUSTON Development of spoken word-learning skills after cochlear implantation: Access to sound is just the beginning
  6. DIANNE TOE Repositioning the role of pragmatics in the development of children who are deaf and hard of hearing: More than language
  7. GARY MORGAN Cognitive development and Access to Language
  8. HARRY KNOORS Promoting cognitive development through teaching deaf learners
  9. HELEN BLOM Hypertext comprehension in deaf and hard-of-hearing students
  10. JESPER DAMMEYER A new look at (deaf) identity
  11. JESSICA TRUSSELL  Reading-to-Learn while still Learning-to-Read: The Case of Adolescent DHH Readers
  12. HILLE VAN GELDER EN LOES WAUTERS Achieving functional literacy for struggling DHH readers
  13. KAREN EMMOREY - The neurobiological foundations of reading in deaf adults
  14. LIAN VAN BERKEL The role of augmentative signs in spoken word learning by adults in limited auditory access
  15. MAR√ćA ROSA LISSI Deaf education in Chile: Current conflicts and future challenges
  16. MARY RUDNER Signing skills support word reading
  17. ROSALIND HERMAN A language and reading intervention for deaf and hearing children
  18. SUSAN NITTROUER Sensorimotor development underlies acquisition of spoken language and cognitive functions in children with CIs

We did not receive permission to share all the handouts.