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TDL 2019 is organized by Royal Dutch Kentalis and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (USA). The conference is supported by Oxford University Press.

Harry Knoors, Ph.D.

Harry Knoors, PhD, is Professor at the Behavioural Science Institute of the Radboud University, the Netherlands, and Academic Director at Royal Dutch Kentalis. Harry Knoors is trained as a psycholinguist, specializing in language and literacy of deaf children. He is involved in research on childhood deafness and research on the effectiveness of education.

Harry Knoors TDL 2019

Marc Marschark, Ph.D.

Marc Marschark, Ph.D. is a Professor at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a faculty of Rochester Institute of Technology, where he directs the Center for Education Research Partnerships. His research focuses on relations among language, learning, and cognition among deaf learners across the lifespan. His recent emphasis on evidence-based practice in the classroom has led to a variety of research findings clarifying the sources (and realities) of myths and misunderstandings in deaf education.

Marc Marschark TDL 2019

Loes Wauters, Ph.D.

Loes Wauters is a senior researcher at Kentalis and the Behavioural Science Institute (Radboud University Nijmegen). Her research focuses on the language, reading, and math development of deaf and hard of hearing learners. Current projects focus on early literacy and early math development in DHH children, adolescents, and adults. Parent involvement, and training of parents and professionals in care and education are also addressed in these projects.

Loes Wauters

Daan Hermans, Ph.D.

Daan Hermans is a cognitive psychologist, and is working as a senior researcher at Kentalis and the Behavioural Science Institute (Radboud University Nijmegen). His research focuses on cognitive development in deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

Daan Hermans

Sacha Theunissen van Rooij

Projectassistent of knowledge events at Royal Dutch Kentalis (kennisevenementen Koninklijke Kentalis)

T 0031 6 22 22 25 29 (if no answer, please contact Pieter van Zelst, phone: 0031 6 12 74 07 96)

Sascha van Rooij