Corrie Tijsseling, PH.D.

Corrie Tijsseling

Corrie Tijsseling holds a PhD in Philosophy and History of Education. She worked as a lecturer at Utrecht University for over 10 years. Currently, she works as a research coordinator at GGMD, an organization for mental health care and social counselling for deaf or hard-of-hearing people, and as a senior researcher at Royal Kentalis.

Title abstract
Identity: from fixed ideals to fluid individuation

Present-day educators are challenged to design and teach a curriculum that prepares pupils to function as citizens in a pluralistic democracy. Also, educational methods need to be evidence-based and educational outcomes have to be measured. Education thus has become a practice in which pupils are both subjects-to-be and measurable objects. Another challenge in the current educational system is to implement principles of universal design in order to provide access to education for pupils with different backgrounds and identities, such as race, gender, disability and class. The myriad of goals and tasks in education can be grouped in the three functional dimensions of education: qualification, socialization and individuation. In this presentation, the complex way in which identity and intersectionality are related to educational goals of pupils who are deaf or hard-of-hearing will be discussed.