Daan Hermans

Daan Hermans

Daan Hermans is a cognitive psychologist, and is working as a senior researcher at Kentalis and the Behavioural Science Institute (Radboud University Nijmegen). His research focuses on cognitive development in deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

Title abstract
May I have your attention please? The importance of joint attention in the development of young DHH children.

Duo presentation with Evelien Dirks

Joint attention involves the child and adult coordinating mutual engagement with their mutual focus on objects or events. Infant joint attention is pivotal for early cognitive development and social-emotional development. Several studies have shown the difficulties in attaining and maintaining joint attention in dyads of DHH children and their hearing caregivers. In the presentation we will give an overview of the development of joint attention in hearing and DHH children and the association with other developmental domains in young DHH children. New technologies such as eye-tracking to measure joint attention in infant-caregiver dyads will be discussed and illustrated. Further, we will present two of our ongoing studies on joint attention. In the first study we examine word learning in DHH infants within the context of the infant-caregiver dyad by using eye tracking technology. In a second study we examine the effect of a video-feedback intervention to promote joint attention in DHH baby-caregiver dyads.