Eman Al-Zboon, PH.D.

Eman Al Zboon

Eman Al-Zboon is an associate professor at Department of Special Education, The Hashemite University, Jordan. She received her Ph.D. degree in special education from Jordan University in 2012 and Fellowship in the Research Ethics Education Program from the University of   California San Diego. She is a Department Head of Special Education. Dr. Eman has 40 scientific publications.  Her research interests focus on Children Who Are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and curriculum.

Title abstract
Deaf Education in Jordan

The purpose of this presentation is to provide a brief review of deaf education in Jordan, with a particular emphasis on the following issues: the current state of deaf education in Jordan, including the role of the Jordanian Royal Family; the history of deaf education in Jordan; the policy framework; the provision of services, including the curriculum, use of sign language, teacher preparation and professionalism; and current challenges, including the prevalence of hearing loss, early childhood education, emotional characteristics and the mental health of deaf students, and technology. The presentation provides a description of a Jordanian model school for deaf people in the Middle East. However, much remains to be done in order to improve deaf education. The curriculum for DHH students needs to include more skills and extended core curriculum domains via IEPs, also enabling deaf students to learn languages such as English. Jordan has to work on improving the mental and emotional development of DHH students and improving their self-determination through direct instruction in schools and to increase their awareness of their rights and the direct impact of policies that affect their lives.