Harry Knoors, PH.D.

Harry Knoors

Harry Knoors, PhD, is Professor at the Behavioural Science Institute of the Radboud University, the Netherlands, and Academic Director at Royal Dutch Kentalis. Knoors is trained as a psycholinguist, specializing in language and literacy of deaf children. He is involved in research on childhood deafness and research on the effectiveness of education.

Title abstract
Promoting cognitive development through teaching deaf learners

Early intervention has without any doubt enhanced the development of deaf and hard of hearing children. Nevertheless, a substantial number of these children is still at risk for problems in the cognitive domain. Problems with language, with social cognition, with working memory, with other executive functions. In this presentation I will address options to support deaf and hard of hearing children who face cognitive challenges in learning. How can we teach these children in ways that will promote their cognitive development and reduce their challenges? In what evidence informed ways should we structure our teaching? And may specific interventions help? What kind of interventions? To what extent and under what conditions?