Lian van Berkel

Lian van Berkel

Lian is a PhD Candidate at Radboud University. Her project focuses on the efficacy of augmentative signs for word learning in children who are deaf/hard-of-hearing and children with Developmental Language Disorder. Before starting her PhD project, Lian obtained a Bachelor and Master’s degree in English Language and Culture and a Research Master’s degree in Language and Communication.

Title abstract
The role of augmentative signs in spoken word learning by adults in limited auditory access

Previous research on multimodal word learning frequently focused on learning new labels for familiar concepts in ideal listening conditions. I will present two studies on word learning of unfamiliar concepts in limited auditory access. Hearing participants in study 1 (N=43) learned words with pictures of aliens in three conditions: word+picture+sign, word+picture, and word+picture+sign in babble noise. There were four sessions within one week, with training on day 1, receptive test then training on days 2 and 3, and only a receptive test on day 4. In Study 2, three groups of students participated in a word learning experiment with half the words and pictures presented to them with a sign (25 DHH, 29 hearing, 26 hearing in babble noise). This study consisted of a training immediately followed by a receptive test on both days (approximately one week apart), and a production test on day 2.