Lidy Smit

Lidy Smit

Lidy Smit is pedagogue and psychologist and currently PhD student at Radboud University Nijmegen (Behavioural Science Institute). In collaboration with Royal Dutch Kentalis, she studies the effectiveness of ToM treatment in adolescents who are D/HH or have developmental language disorder.

Title abstract
Theory of Mind group treatment to improve social-emotional functioning in adolescents who are deaf/hard of hearing

Deaf and hard-of-hearing children are at risk in their social-emotional development. We argue that Executive Functions and Theory of Mind are two central underlying cognitive factors in social-emotional functioning. We briefly review what is currently known about executive functioning and theory-ofmind development in deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescents and then explain a neuropsychological model of social emotional functioning with a central role for Inner Speech in relation to Executive Functions and Theory of Mind. We
present a recently developed Theory of Mind group treatment for deaf/hard of hearing adolescents which aims to improve social-emotional functioning by stimulating Theory of Mind development, executive development and Inner Speech. Finally, preliminary empirical results on the effectiveness of this Theory of Mind group treatment for deaf/hard-of-hearing adolescents are shared
(N=32: wait list pre-, post- follow-up trial.