Marc Marschark, PH.D.

Marc Marschark TDL 2019
United States

Marc Marschark, Ph.D. is a Professor at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a faculty of Rochester Institute of Technology, where he directs the Center for Education Research Partnerships. His research focuses on relations among language, learning, and cognition among deaf learners across the lifespan. His recent emphasis on evidence-based practice in the classroom has led to a variety of research findings clarifying the sources (and realities) of myths and misunderstandings in deaf education.

Title abstract
Teaching deaf learners: Reflections from educational and research perspectives

Duo presentation with Annet de Klerk
Bridging the gap between research and practice is one of the ultimate challenges in deaf education. 

In the first part of this presentation, from the perspective of a teacher and academic administrator, Annet de Klerk will reflect on how research information such as presented at this Teaching Deaf Learners conference is used to fuel teaching practice. She will give examples of an effective approach used in the educational department of Kentalis and, more specifically, at Kentalis Talent, one of the Dutch schools for the deaf. For the third time in a row this school has received the certificate of  ‘Excellence’ by the Inspectorate of Education of the Dutch Ministry of Education because of the successful collaboration between teachers, administrators and researchers.

Marc Marschark will reflect on research-to-practice issues from the perspective of a researcher, research administrator, and editor. He will consider the history—both of the field and his own—of efforts to bring research and practice into an ongoing partnership rather than a one-way or one-time effort. In addition to outlining some of the more obvious successes and failures in this regard, he will outline several questions that he believes are still unanswered, several that are not even being asked, and in both cases, why not.