Maria Brons, PH.D.

Maria Brons

Maria Brons (PhD) is manager of Kentalis International Foundation at Royal Dutch Kentalis, responsible for design, fundraising and implementation of international knowledge exchange programs for professionals working in the field of education, care and diagnostics for children with hearing loss, deafblindness, multiple communicative disabilities and specific language impairment. She is a political scientist and international development economist. She is the co-editor of ‘Deaf Education Beyond the Western World’, Oxford University Press 2019.

Title abstract
Deaf education – Perspectives from the South

Which factors determine deaf education in the Global South? How can professionals improve the learning environment of deaf learners in countries such as Kenya, Jordan, Sri Lanka or Chile? These are the two questions we intend to investigate during the TDL-block on the Global South. 

On the one hand, legal, policy and technological factors at hand inform the interventions by government and NGOs. Furthermore, the standing of the deaf community and positioning of sign language in education. On the other hand, we need to understand the environment of the deaf child, factors determining language, socio-emotional and cognitive development, leading ultimately to literacy and learning.

The goal of this TDL block on the Global South is to provide a platform for exchange by professionals from often underrepresented countries in deaf education research and strengthen the foundations for further improvement of deaf education for all deaf children, leaving no one behind.