At the 3rd conference on Teaching Deaf Learners an interesting program is coming to you. A variety of presenters will update you on the significance of refresher courses for teachers and of more research and cooperation in this area. New in this edition are the poster presentations. Also, there is an opportunity for you to participate in social events.

Program Teaching Deaf Learners 2019

Social events

In addition to the conference we also offer you an interesting social program which includes a visit to our educational and care programs while in operation and a conference dinner.

Kentalis Tour
November 6, 08h45 – 17h00; € 70,- (includes bus, lunch, and presence of Kentalis hosts and interpreters during travel and visit)

We are happy to share our expertise with participants of Teaching Deaf Learners 2019. Therefore, we invite you to visit our educational programs (and the adjacent care facilities and research programs), while in operation. Once arrived you will have a meet and greet with our professionals and students.

  • If you prefer a focus on educational practices in inclusive settings, please choose trip South.
  • If you prefer a focus on educational practices in special settings, please choose trip North.

Whatever your choice will be, you will encounter a unique combination of theory and practice.

November 7, € 50,-
After the museum visit the evening will be pursued with a dinner at a beautiful spot in the heart of the city. Depending on the number of guests we will dine at a place offering you a three-course meal.
If you want to join the evening program please indicate while you register online.

Questions and information

More information is available via this website. In case you have questions as to the organization of the conference, please send an e-mail: