Not sure how to get in touch with Sam, a Deaf boy in your community? How can you support Maria, hard of hearing, to follow your classes? Do you already diagnose your patient with the latest tests? The challenges faced by students with hearing losses are enormous. If children can be diagnosed early and if intervention can start at a young age, children will have better chances to quality education and full integration in the society and thus later have better chances on the labour market.

We offer an international modular training programme in Audiology at two levels through online and blended learning. 

An online distance course for beginners with no background in Audiology who want to know more about hearing loss. For individual students or for (educational) institutes via vouchers. 

Flyer E-learning basic audiology for Individual Students

Flyer E-learning basic audiology for organizations

Hearing Care Technician Course

This diploma course is hosted incooperation with Medical colleges in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.