E-learning basic audiology

The E-learning Audiology  is suitable for beginners with no background in Audiology who want to know more about hearing loss. The course is English and is primarily aimed at those working as health or education professionals and volunteers, CBR-workers, support workers, parents, teachers, nurses, NGOs and anyone with a family or personal interest in audiology.


Programme includes:
Basic knowledge about sound, hearing, hearing loss: causes and implications, interpretation of audiograms, prevention and screening, hearing aids and implants.

Suitable for

  • Nurses, teachers, special educators, rehabilitation and social workers etc
  • Parents of deaf/hard of hearing children, people with personal interest
  • Starting module for all students in audiology

Basic computer skills, communicative skills in English.

Practical information

  1. Costs: € 75,-
  2. Study method: Distance learning, with online support from Monday to Friday.
  3. Time requirements: Two hours a week for two months (1 module a week)
  4. Technical requirements: Suitable for most PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones and compatible with many browsers.
  5. It is advisable to use earphones when working in classrooms

•    Visit the following website www.e-kentalis.org  and register yourself or look at the demo and find even more information about this course.
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