Courses on Deafblindness

Developing knowledge and practical skills to support those with a dual sensory impairment
The Deafblind Program of the Royal Kentalis focuses on the most important theory around Deafblindness and the practical skills to support and guide deafblind people in their daily lives, at school or at work.

Suitable for
Universities, organizations, associations and schools.

•    Definition and characteristics of Deafblindness
•    Causes and syndromes
•    Interaction and communication
•    Orientation and mobility
•    Information acquisition and processing
•    Understanding of the impact and implications of dual sensory impairment
•    Teaching approaches
•    Capacity building
•    Employment and participation
•    Examples of services and programs for deafblind people from all over the world
•    Course outline

Three packages are available:

  1. Introduction course of one week by an experience expert
  2. Small factfinding followed up by a custom made introduction training by a senior expert
  3. Train-the trainings programme of three years

More information?

Download the brochure Training possibilities Deafblindness or contact Marianne Maas for any questions on this course.