Let's communicate

Language acquisition of young children with hearing and communication challenges

The course Let’s communicate is an eye opener for professionals and parents how to communicate effectively with a child (3-6 years) with hearing and communication challenges and promises new skills and techniques to improve and acquire language development. 

This course is made for professionals and parents, who work on the basic conditions for contact, communication and language development by the child. A diverse course with both theory and practice on on  language acquisition and interaction. With the usage of video recordings and feedback skills. For participants who are willing to reflect, gain new skills and act with a new mindset. 

Since children acquire language at the age 0-6, this course focus on these very young children, to give them the best possible start they need on social-emotional as academically level.

For parents, this course an empowerment training and gives insights how to stimulate and offer language and create an environment which stimulate communication and interaction. 

Professionals gain new knowledge and a variety of techniques for language acquisition of the child and how to involve parents in their child’s early language intervention.

This module is available as an introduction course and an in depth course. The courses can be followed separately or in combination.

Target group:
1.    Suitable for Parents with children with a specific language impairment or autism or multiple communicative disabilities 
2.    Professionals:  (Special)Teachers, Social workers, Care takers, Speech language therapists, Psychologists. 
3.    Europe:  Child day care centres