Our services

At cost-covering level, we offer training and consultancies to professionals worldwide working in the field of hearing and communication. Kentalis is your knowledge partner to capacitate your staff working with people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or deafblind, and to those who have a language impairment. Our services are evidence based, tailor-made and provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

For whom
Staff working in national and international NGO’s, deaf associations or other self-advocating organisations, university colleges with teacher training programs, nursing colleges, hospitals, and other training institutes and health and education governmental bodies, policymakers and implementers. 

We offer training, consultancy, wokshops, webinars and (online) coaching. Or invite us to speak on your conference.

•    Working with experts active in the field.
•    Materials used for our services are adapted to the context of the country.
•    Flexible – tailor-made services.
•    Good balance between knowledge and practice.
•    Trainings – workshops are highly interactive.
•    Needs assessment done before service delivery.
•    Time period for service delivery are flexible, based on availability of the trainers. In agreement with client.  

Kentalis is a non-profit organisation, the fee of our services covers our incurred/actual costs. 
Costs per service: fee Kentalis expert a €550 per expert per day, travel, accommodation and materials. 

We are happy to make a suitable offer and answer all your questions. Please contact Kentalis International at international@kentalis.nl