Parent Awareness Program

The Parent Awareness Program, also called PAP, is aiming at (hearing) parents with deaf children who have very little to no access to relevant information about how to communicate with their deaf child. In 12 modules of around 4 hours/module, parents are introduced to relevant information regarding the development of their deaf child and the important role of the parent as educator of the child. The program is interactive and stimulates active participation of the parents as well as their learning process. 

The PAP is available in the form of a trainers manual with supportive PPT and video clips as well as supportive reading material.  The manual guides trainers on how to set up the program and how to create a favourable learning environment for the parents. Each module is well explained and supported by PPT’s. What is very specific for the PAP is that the training is especially developed for Deaf trainers as role models.  A training given by deaf trainers, with the support of interpreters, has a much higher learning effect on parents. 

Target group of the PAP
(hearing) Parents with deaf children in difficult circumstances with no or very little access to relevant information about their deaf child. For instance parents who live in refugee camps with their deaf children, who have no access to education.

Who can provide the PAP?
Deaf trainers at deaf school or (hearing) trainers with a relevant background in deafness. 

How is the PAP service offered by Kentalis International?
Organisations interested in the PAP can obtain further information at
The PAP materials can be obtained in combination with a 1 week training of trainers.