Video Interaction Guidance

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is an effective method to work on positive communication skills through filming and reflection sessions. Via micro-analysing the students are guided in a parallel process in which they learn to directly apply their learning results in practice. VIG train people to create successful interactions that enables someone to grow.

VIG is an individual or group training. The outcomes of the training are immediately applicable in the students’ daily work. The training can be given as a technique or in relation to the target group one works with. Both in individual coaching as in teams. The training is available as an introduction course and can optionally be followed up with an in-depth course. 

Target group:
Suitable for professionals working with children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing or deafblind, and to those who have a language impairment. With or without an intellectual disability or autism


Introduction course
In this course the student become acquainted with the method and is equipped to use the basic techniques in their own practice.

Follow up course
When the student successfully passed the introduction course, they can sign in for the follow-up course. In this course the students are coached by Kentalis experts to thoroughly implement the VIG method in their work.

Psycho-education is a course in which students learn how to effectively coach children and young adults in the age of 8-20 years, using images via coaching. Psycho-education offers the opportunity to help children discover what is helpful in the communication with people around them. For more information, contact Kentalis International.

Presentation on your congress
We are happy to give a presentation on any event, such as a congress. We like to present the power of micro-analysing via imaging and gain new insights to your public, for both professionals as parents.