Vocabulary training, supported by visualization techniques

Communication plays a major role in the education of pupils with communication challenges.  A rich vocabulary is an important key factor and a predictor of school success. In this course you will learn how to expand the vocabulary of a child and the added value of visualization techniques. 

Type of module
Children with hearing and communication disabilities do not acquire language as easily and implicitly as hearing peers or as children without a language disorder. They need intentional teaching and training of novel words to expand their vocabulary. Explanation trough language alone will not be sufficient, visualization is essential.
Vocabulary training, supported by visualization techniques is a training trajectory which can vary from an introduction course to an extended in depth course. The participants will develop knowledge, insight and skills. They will be given tools and techniques to effectively expand the vocabulary of the child.

Target group
Suitable for teachers, speech language therapists and Sign Language Teachers and therapists, working with children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing or deafblind and those with a specific language impairment. With or without an intellectual disability or autism. Both primary and secondary education.