International Courses

Do you want to learn more about audiology? Is your organization looking for an introduction course on inclusive education or language disorders? Or are you searching for latest publications in deaf education? We offer consultancy and training services for you.


Diverse (scientific) publications, posters about how you can recognize a Language Impairment in seven langaga and our documentary ‘Deaf Role Models’ are free downloadable.

The E-learning course on basic audiology is suitable for beginners who want to know more about hearing loss, parental support, communication and deaf culture. Available for individual students or for educational institutes.

Developing knowledge and practical skills to support those with a dual sensory impairment. Our Deafblind Program focuses on the most important theory around Deafblindness and the practical skills to support and guide deafblind people in their daily lives, at school or at work.

Kentalis offers three courses in the field of Inclusive Early Childhood Development (ECD) for the deaf child. All of them are CPD certified. Provided by Deaf facilitators. 

Kentalis academic research ensures the latest insights from deaf education, augmentative alternative communication for multiple-disabled children, various syndroms in deafblindness, improved diagnostics in special language impairment as well as autism in children with other disabilities.

Technical Advice on 'bridging communication barriers': Kentalis is ready to support governments, mainstream organizations, NGOs, schools and universities in moving towards inclusion of persons with communication barriers.

Guest Lecture? Specialized evaluation services? Staff training?