Privacy statement

At Kentalis, we respect your privacy. In our relationship with you, we work on the basis of mutual trust. That is why we make every effort to live up to this trust and to protect your personal data. With this Privacy Statement, we are clarifying what information we collect in order to be able to inform you properly and to provide you with good care and education. You can read all about how we protect your personal data and what your rights are in this statement.

Why do we ask for your data?
Kentalis provides care, education and conducts scientific research. The information we collect from you is solely intended to provide you or your child with good care and education, or as input for scientific research.
We only use the information you provide on this website, for example in the contact form, to inform you about Kentalis or to answer your question.

How do we protect your privacy?
Kentalis complies with the privacy laws and regulations. Our employees are bound by external and internal rules of conduct and work in accordance with the mandatory and customary quality guarantees in our field. In addition, we protect the information we collect from you. This also applies to the organisations we work with and that make use of your personal data. We make clear agreements with them with regard to proper security.
We need the information we collect from you in order to be able to provide you with good care and education, no more and no less. We are allowed to use and collect most of the data about you or your child because we provide care and education to you or your child. For the use of some data, however, we always ask your permission. This is the case, for example, with audio and video material, and if we want to use your data for scientific research.
We record what information we keep, what we do with it and how long we store this information in the processing register.

More information about privacy
Do you have any questions about the way we ensure your privacy, or would you like to read more about this subject? Please contact us via:
Royal Kentalis
Data Protection Officer
P.O. Box 7
5270 BA St-Michielsgestel

Version 1.2, May 2018

Extra information about privacy

How does Kentalis handle your data?
We treat your data with care in accordance with the requirements of the 'General Data Protection Regulation'. Learn more about how we do this.

What personal data do we collect?
We need the information we collect from you in order to provide you with the service  you need in terms of care and education, no more and no less. We are allowed to collect this information based on the fact that we provide care and education to you or your child. In all other cases, we will ask for your written permission. When we start providing our services, we ask for a number of standard personal details. These are logical issues like your name, date of birth, contact details, bank account number or CSN. In addition, more specific personal details are collected that relate to the care or education you or your child receives.

Good care
Kentalis provides treatment for specific language impairments, hearing impairments, deafness and deafblindness, sometimes with other additional disorders such as a mental disability. In the provision of our care services, we comply with the privacy rules that apply to us. These include the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or in Dutch: AVG), the Electronic Data Processing in Care Decree (in Dutch: Begz), the Decree and Regulation on the use of Citizen Service Numbers in healthcare, and the Dutch Medical Treatment Act (in Dutch: Wgbo). Kentalis has translated these laws into general terms and conditions that guarantee the rights and obligations of both clients and care providers.

Good education
Kentalis provides education to children and adolescents with a specific language impairment, hearing impairment, deafness or deafblindness, sometimes with other additional disorders such as a mental disability. In the Netherlands, the Privacy Covenant applies to education. The purpose of this covenant is to protect the privacy of all pupils and students in the Netherlands. All schools must adhere to the agreements made. Suppliers to schools and education institutes also sign this covenant, since they must also comply with the agreements made. These are developers of software and apps, for example.

Kentalis complies with the agreements made in the Privacy Covenant. In addition, Kentalis works with suppliers who have signed the Privacy Covenant, or make similar agreements with non-affiliated suppliers, so that the privacy of the pupils is always properly regulated.

Scientific research
Kentalis carries out scientific research, with the goal of learning about our target groups. After all, the more we know, the better the care and education we provide.

When carrying out scientific research, data from you or your child is used, such as what treatments you had and what the results were of the tests and measurements that were carried out. Kentalis always asks your permission to use your or your child's data for scientific research. If you do not consent, your data will not be used. An exception to this are fully anonymised data. We are allowed to use this information without your permission, because in this case the data cannot be traced back to you or your child.

We apply the Code of Conduct for Health Research of the Federation of Dutch Medical Scientific Societies (Federa) as the starting point for the research we carry out. This code lays down rules of conduct aimed at protecting the privacy of persons whose data are used in scientific research.

Protection of data
Privacy legislation obliges Kentalis to protect the personal data we process or have processed. In accordance with this legal obligation, Kentalis takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of protection commensurate with the risk. Kentalis applies an information security policy for this purpose.

Video and audio material
We regularly make video and audio recordings of our clients. We do this because video and audio material can help ensure a successful treatment. We are not obliged to ask for permission to make these video and audio recordings because they are part of the treatment. However, we do inform our clients if we want to use video and audio material within the context of the treatment.

If we want to use video or audio recordings for educational or quality purposes, or for publication on our website, the newsletter or any other medium, we ask for permission separately in advance. You decide for yourself whether you want this and you can always withdraw your consent.

Online assistance
Kentalis also offers more and more care digitally, because in a number of situations this results in better and more efficient care. In the application of this online care, we must pay close attention to the safety and protection of your personal data. We regulate this in part by using good ICT applications. However, our own behaviour is the most important guarantee of safety. We provide the client, parents and professionals of Kentalis a guideline that they must follow when applying Online Assistance.

Collecting data from or providing data to third parties
Sometimes it is necessary for Kentalis to collect data from or provide data to specific parties who work with us for the care and education of you or your child, such as the general practitioner, speech therapist or psychologist. We will ask for your permission beforehand. Kentalis and the collaborating parties are and remain responsible for the processing of these (special) personal data and together we ensure that your privacy is guaranteed.

Processing of special personal data
Kentalis works with you on your personal well-being. Data about your health are by definition special personal data; this includes both physical and mental health data. This information will only be provided to employees who are directly involved in providing care or education to you or your child. These employees have an obligation of confidentiality.

Processing register
We have recorded what information we keep, what we do with it, who has access to it, and how long we store this information, in the processing register.

Access, rectification and transfer of your data
You have the right to ask which of your personal data Kentalis processes. We will respond to such a request within one month, which is the statutory response period. If there are any inaccuracies in the data currently known to us, they can be corrected or completely deleted on request, free of charge. During this period, it is possible to temporarily restrict the processing of your data at your request. This prevents mistakes, because otherwise Kentalis continues to work with incorrect personal data during this period.

Furthermore, you have the right to request your data - that are listed in our records with your permission or in accordance with the agreement - and to transfer them to another institution that will process your personal information. This concerns your personal data that have been digitally processed by us. At your request, we will forward this information to an institution that needs your details for (further) treatment or education. 

You always have the right to object to the further processing of your personal data. Kentalis will then immediately stop processing your personal data, unless your health or personal well-being is at risk.

Do you have a complaint about how Kentalis handles your personal data? Then contact our Data Protection Officer on The Kentalis Data Protection Officer will deal with your complaint as soon as possible.
Sometimes it is not possible to reach a solution in conjunction with the parties involved. You can then appeal to the independent Complaints Committee for Care or the Complaints Committee for Education. The Complaints Committee investigates the complaint very carefully, for example by conducting interviews. The Complaints Committee then rules on the merits of the complaint and advises the Kentalis Management Board on any measures to be taken.
If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with by Kentalis and the Complaints Committee, you can contact the Authority Personal data or the Disputes Committee Care for the Disabled.

Questions and contact about how Kentalis deals with your privacy?
Do you have any questions about the way we deal with your privacy? Please contact us via:
Royal Kentalis
Data Protection Officer
P.O. Box 7
5270 BA St-Michielsgestel