Kentalis International Foundation

Kentalis International Foundation is the international project office of Royal Kentalis. Our team operates as a knowledge broker, linking the expertise of Kentalis to the specific needs of our partners.

Kentalis International Foundation was founded in 2010, following the ambition of Kentalis to continue its international work after having merged three Deaf education institutes: Viataal (formerly Institute for the Deaf, IvD, in Sint-Michielsgestel), Koninklijke Effatha Guyot Groep and St. Marie. It is a non-governmental organization with an independent status as a foundation, though supported by the mother organization Royal Kentalis.

We work towards equitable quality education and care for all. To achieve this, Kentalis International Foundation trains professionals in academic institutions and cooperates with organizations in the field of hearing and communication.

Deaf education

Our work is mostly focused on education for deaf and hard-of-hearing learners in what is often considered the Global South, which refers to low and middle-income countries. We cooperate with universities, teacher training colleges, organizations of persons with disabilities, and governmental organizations. Read more in our corporate brochure.