Uganda teachers in training by Kentalis

Development e-learning platform

Self-paced e-learning has become more and more a standard component for training programs of Kentalis International Foundation. For that reason, we have decided to make the development of our e-learning platform a top priority for 2022 and 2023.

Teacher classroom children Aruba

Kick-off knowledge exchange early intervention and ambulatory care on Aruba

This summer Kentalis International Foundation started a new project collaboration on Aruba, aimed at early intervention and ambulatory care for deaf and hard-of-hearing children and children with a presumable developmental language disorder. In this project, we work together with cluster-2 school Scucha Nos and the Aruban foundation for hearing impaired FEPOH. 

Blue sky with confetti

Announcement: is renewed!

Welcome to the updated After months of working behind the scenes, the new website was launched at the end of June 2022. All content has been updated to match the vision and direction of Kentalis International Foundation, the international project office of Royal Kentalis.

Classroom children reading Zambia

Final phase pilot reading education in Zambia for deaf and hard-of-hearing learners

The USAID Let’s Read project aims to improve reading outcomes for children in Zambia’s government and community schools. Kentalis International Foundation developed a pilot within the project to support literacy education for deaf and hard-of-hearing learners.

Online coaching deaf employee Staatsolie Suriname by Kentalis

Inclusive workplace for the deaf coworker: individual coaching Staatsolie Suriname

Kentalis International Foundation works towards an inclusive society. Our projects mostly relate to high-quality deaf education and care. However, for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to fully participate in society it is equally as important to create an inclusive workplace.

Itinerant Service Provision training Nepal by Kentalis

Completion Itinerant Service Provision training in Nepal

In December 2021 Kentalis International Foundation handed out certificates to two senior and two junior participants of the National Association of the Hard-of-Hearing and Deafened Nepal (Shruti). The participants were part of a tailor-made itinerant service provision training.

Launch event Uganda manuals

Launch reading manuals for deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Uganda

On 22 November 2021, Kentalis International Foundation attended the launch of a set of reading manual books, specifically designed for young deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Uganda. The manuals are the closing piece of a long and fruitful project cooperation between Royal Kentalis and the National Curriculum Development Center of Uganda.

Speakaboo logo

Rewatch our Speakaboo webinar – a free speech development screening tool

On the 23rd of July 2021, Royal Kentalis organized a webinar to talk in more detail about our free Speakaboo app and to celebrate the launch of the Swahili version for the East African audience. Participants from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zambia joined us during the live session.

Children in the classroom

ICED 2021: International Congress on the Education of the Deaf

From Monday July 5th 2021 until Thursday July 8th 2021, the 23rd edition of the International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) will start. ICED is one of the most leading conferences in terms of education for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Due to the pandemic, the congress will be completely virtual this time.

virtual CIES 2021 logo

vCIES2021: a virtual roundtable focused on language and community first approaches to Deaf education

Four organisations that each have projects focused on improving education for Deaf and hard of hearing learners joined forces during this year’s virtual CIES conference by hosting a roundtable conversation sharing successes and lessons from their projects in Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Language before literacy

Language Before Literacy

The new Language Before Literacy website is online!

Image of a boy baking cookies

Sensory stories now also available in English and German

Children with Complex Communication Needs (CCN) often have severe speech, language and communication impairments, making it difficult for them to learn new communication skills. Sensory stories can help a child with these problems by stimulating communication as well as interaction in a pleasant manner by reading out a story in which all senses are addressed.

Image of people testing the Swahili version of the Speakaboo app

Frisian and Swahili added as languages to the Speakaboo app

Speakaboo is a free speech development tool used for screening in multilingual children by a non-native speaker. It is an interactive app which can be used on Android or iOS tablets.