Kentalis in the Netherlands


Royal Dutch Kentalis is a national organization in the Netherlands, specialized in providing diagnostic, care and education to persons who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or deafblind, and to those who have a language impairment. Our expertise is focused on bridging communication barriers.


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Royal Dutch Kentalis is unique in combining academic and applied research, staff training and hands-on practical experience from teachers, psychologists, linguists, audiologists and speech therapists, to name a few. All under one roof, enabling mutual continuous learning and creating space for innovation.

With more than 100 locations spread over the country, Kentalis is the biggest organization in the Netherlands working in the field of hearing and communication.


With support of Kentalis, four professorial chairs were established at Dutch Universities, reflecting the specific expertise in language and communication. 

We are happy to cooperate with organizations, teaching institutions, associations, universities, NGO’s and/or governments who are interested in our expertise in the Netherlands and worldwide.


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Guyot in Groningen

Royal Dutch Kentalis has a more than 225 year history. On April 14th in 1790, the Walloon Reverend Henri Daniel Guyot took the initiative to start teaching deaf children in Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. He started out with a classroom of 14 students.