Our services

Do you want to learn more about audiology? Is your organization looking for an introduction course on inclusive education or language disorders? Or are you searching for latest publications in deaf education? We offer consultancy and training services for you.


Kentalis International Foundation specialises in consultancy and training services in the domain of: diagnostic, care, and education for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind, and to those who have a language impairment, with or without an intellectual disability or autism. Our services are aimed at professionals, designed to be evidence based, and provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

To whom
We offer our services to professionals worldwide who are working in the field of education, hearing, and communication, such as ministries of health and education, national and international NGO’s, deaf associations or other self-advocating organisations, universities with teacher training programs, nursing colleges, hospitals, and other training institutes.

Our field of expertise
Examples of our expertise areas are: inclusive education, (family centred) early intervention (FCEI), teaching deaf learners, educational audiology, augmentative and alternative communication.

Ready-made courses and trajectories

• Early Literacy/Reading program
• Teacher training: Teaching Deaf Learner in Inclusive Secondary Education (Certified)
• Introduction Deafblindness • Early Childhood Development (ECD) like: Parental Awareness Workshops on ECD of deaf children; Teacher training for inclusive ECE of the deaf child; Early Childhood Interventions of the Deaf Child

Fee Kentalis expert, travel and accommodation and material.