Training and consultancy

We offer short-term training courses. Our services are aimed at professionals, designed to be evidence based, and provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 



Suitable for
We offer our services to professionals worldwide who are working in the field of education, hearing, and communication, such as ministries of health and education, national and international NGO’s, deaf associations or other self-advocating organisations, universities with teacher training programs, nursing colleges, hospitals, and other training institutes.

We make our knowledge and skills accessible through:

  • train-the-training programs
  • introduction courses or custom made courses
  • e-learning
  • parental awareness programs
  • coaching
  • technical support
  • lectures and webinars
  • conferences
  • blended learning courses

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Fee Kentalis expert, travel and accommodation and material

Example 2019

Parental support for deaf and HOH Syrian children in refugee camps in Lebanon.

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