Looking back at teaching deaf learners conference 2019

Looking back at teaching deaf learners conference 2019

Kentalis looks back on a very successful 3rd edition of Teaching Deaf Learners (TDL) conference. This is apparent from the many positive responses about the presentations and organization of this international congress. TDL attracted around 250 participants from more than 30 different countries. The speakers also came from various corners of the world.

How can deaf and hard-of-hearing students best be taught given their individual strengths and needs?

This question was at the core of the third edition of this inspiring conference held in the Philharmonie in Haarlem. The conference took place in November 6-8 2019 in Haarlem, the Netherlands and is organized by Harry Knoors and Marc Marschark and their colleagues on behalf of Royal Kentalis and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (USA). The conference is supported by Oxford University Press. 

 Prof. Dr. Harry Knoors shares the three topics he is most excited about.

"Kentalis' 3rd International conference on Teaching Deaf Learners was an excellent event; informative and thought provoking presentations. Additionally, it provided another invaluable networking opportunity for professionals in deaf education across the world. Thank you #TDL2019"​ - BATOD_UK

​"TDL2019 was very useful to me because it networks a global community working at the grassroots with deaf children."

"Teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing students is not the same as teaching hearing students ..."

This was the starting point during the two conference days. Harry Knoors opened November 7th with a short video. This clearly demonstrates the importance of close cooperation between research and educational practice at Kentalis. The video is partly in spoken Dutch, partly in sign language of the Netherlands and has English captions.

Diverse program

The week started with the International Visitors Days. Participants from various countries took a look behind the scenes at Kentalis and met our colleagues.

Beyond the western world
A special theme this year is the perspective from non-Western countries. For example, there are more and more hearing impaired and deaf refugee and migrant children in the Netherlands who are being taught. The parents (and sometimes they themselves) come from non-Western countries. It is precisely then that it is good to know how deafness, in relation to care and education are viewed in countries of origin and what the countries can learn from each other. Speakers from Kenya, Chile, Sri Lanka and Jordan shared their insights and experiences.

New: poster presentations
New at this 3rd edition of TDL was the possibility to give a poster presentation. The poster presentations were well attended during the breaks; a lot of discussion and networking took place.

Kentalis Medal
Marc Marschark, professor at The National Technical Institute for the Deaf in the United States, Rochester, is rewarded today with the Kentalis Medal. Professor Marschark received the Kentalis medal as a token or appreciation for his great achievements for one of the main target groups of Kentalis: people who are deaf or hard of hearing during the conference. Marc Marschark received the medal from the Kentalis CEO, Oscar Dekker. Professor Marschark is rewarded because of the important role he played in improving the education for deaf students, for the wellbeing of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and for the purposeful collaboration between the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and Kentalis.