Successful conclusion phase 1 of early intervention project on Aruba

Classroom training Aruba

We are pleased to report that we concluded the first phase of the knowledge exchange project in Aruba with cluster-2 school Scucha Nos and the Aruban foundation for hearing impaired FEPOH. In this project, we work on improving early intervention and itinerant service provision for deaf and hard-of-hearing children and children with a presumable developmental language disorder. 


Kentalis is a national expertise organization and has developed many courses and e-learnings to support Dutch educational professionals. For this particular project, Kentalis International Foundation facilitated access to an evidence-based e-learning about toddlers and developmental language disorder (DLD). The course focuses on guiding teachers who have children in their classrooms with presumable DLD. It has helped the Aruban partners to gain more insight into the early identification of a child with language difficulties and how to communicate about this with parents. 

Another highlight was the training week in Aruba where a stakeholder meeting was organized to kickstart cooperation between various organizations in Aruba. Further structuring of early intervention will benefit the quality of services offered to children with hearing or language difficulties. 

Looking ahead to phase 2

FEPOH is pleased with the outcomes of the first phase. “It has been very enriching for us” - speech therapist Kristel van Nes. 

For the second and final phase of the project, we agreed to further deepen the offered knowledge and materials through individual coaching sessions and a study visit to the Netherlands. It is the project’s goal to provide FEPOH and Scucha Nos with the tools to professionalize their services to deaf and hard-of-hearing children and children with DLD. Read more about the project here.