Tactile Working Memory Scale

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Working memory, or the ability to keep something in mind for a limited amount of time is a central function in cognition. For persons with congenital deafblindness we need a bodily-tactile perspective on working memory. This manual gives a theoretical overview and presents a scale that can be used by professionals to identify and assess tactile working memory in persons with deafblindness, and design tools and strategies to ensure that these persons can develop and make use of all their potentials, both cognitively and linguistically.

This manual is the result of a collaboration of The Nordic network on Cognition in Relation to Deafblindness .

Next to our psycologist and senior researcher Trees van Nunen, the authors are neuropsycologist Jude Nicholas from Statped in Norway and senior adviser Annika Maria Johannessen from Statped are all involved in the network.

The manual is available via the website of the Nordic Welfare Centre